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Registry Statuses

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Creator Nicholas J. Car
Publisher Australian Government Linked Data Working Group
Created 23rd July 2018
Modified 26nd May 2023
Issued 30th July 2018
Description This vocabulary is a re-published and only marginally changed version of the Registry Ontology’s ( Status vocabulary (online in RDF: The only real change to content has been the addition of the term unstable. This re-publication has been performed to allow the IRIs of each vocab term (skos:Concept) to resolve to both human-readable and machine-readable forms of content (HTML and RDF), using HTTP content negotiation.

Note that just like the original form of this vocabulary, while it is a SKOS vocabulary implemented as a single skos:ConceptScheme, it is also an OWL Ontology and that each Status is both a skos:Concept and a reg:Status individual.
Version 22.0 - 2023-01 - additon of Concepts addition & original, as per updated Registry Item status codes